Halloween: Can Employers Face Liability for Celebrating Halloween at work?

Halloween: Can Employers Face Liability for Celebrating Halloween at work?

Halloween celebrations at work could be a treat for workers however the excitement is the employer’s execution. Costumes present an especially tricky issue because well-intentioned “creativity” can rapidly deteriorate into an worker relations nightmare. Employers ought to be conscious that employees must have the choice to not participate because certain religions stop the celebration of Halloween. Continue reading for ideas to be sure that your workplace celebration is much more fun than frightening.

To prevent potential liability, employers should think about the next guidelines.

Accommodations for Faith

If participation is “mandatory,” inform employees that accommodations is going to be designed for individuals employees who cannot participate as a result of conflicting religious belief. Employers come with an obligation to support an employee’s sincerely held religious thought that may stop the worker from celebrating Halloween. Although a company is needed to excuse an worker from participation as a result of conflicting religious belief, a company isn’t needed to cancel the Halloween celebration altogether. A minumum of one court has held that cancellation of the Halloween celebration due to an employee’s religious objection wouldn’t be an acceptable accommodation.

Reimbursement for Costumes

Should you require employees taking part in the celebration to buy costumes, you might want to compensate the worker for that costume since it may constitute a uniform under certain condition laws and regulations (i.e., New You are able to). For instance, under New You are able to condition law, “when an worker purchases a needed uniform, she or he will be reimbursed through the employer for the all inclusive costs from the uniform no after the following pay day.” So, should you possess a restaurant and wish wait staff to put on costumes on Halloween, this might potentially constitute a “uniform” that needs you to definitely compensate the workers.

Adherence to decorate Code Policy

Inform employees that dress code policies it’s still enforced to stop offensive costumes. Provide types of inappropriate costumes, for example costumes which are too revealing or are ethnic-, religious- or race-based costumes. Ask that employees avoid political costumes that may be offensive. If the worker turns up within an offensive costume, send the worker the place to find become appropriate clothes.

Workplace Safety

Make sure that costumes don’t violate any safety codes. Employers will probably be responsible under workers’ compensation laws and regulations to have an worker who’s hurt at work because of a hazardous costume. In a single situation, a company was really responsible for an employee’s injuries under workers’ compensation laws and regulations once the worker fell from excrement after being scared with a coworker putting on a Halloween mask.

Happy Halloween!


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